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Part Program Manager allows to manage from a single application all the different machining configurations for machines and articles, part programs for CNC machines and/or recipes in general also for other types of machines.

Part Program Manager simplifies and speeds up considerably the work of the operators and the machine set-up, reducing time and costs.


Different configurations for machinery referred to the same article

The particularity of Part Program Manager is the immediate sending of the operating parameters to the specific machine for a specific article to be produced; in fact, the same article can have different configurations for different machines.

Practical case is that of the production of an article divided between several machines with the same function but different from each other by manufacturer or generation: their parameters to obtain the same result will most likely not be identical. Thanks to Part Program Manager the setting will be immediate for all the machines involved in the production.


What is the Part Program

The Part Program is a sequence of instructions provided to a numerically controlled computer machine (CNC) to control its operation. CNC machine tools are used in almost every field of mechanics. The most common ones are folding presses, punching, lathes, milling machines, welding machines and sheet metal cutting machines (lasers, metal sheeting, plasma, water jet, etc.).


How Part Program Manager works


The operation within the holding is reflected in the following example. An operator reads the barcode of the item to start production from the operator. The item code is sent to Part Program Manager, which sends the setup to the machine immediately.

At this point, production could start, or the operator could decide to change some parameters directly on the machine.

In the latter case, Part Program Manager would be able to update the settings according to those modified, or create new ones.



  • Sending the Part Program to the CNC via remote control
  • Sending the parameters per item to be produced diversified by machinery
  • Creating and editing a setting file from the parameters set on the machine



  • Immediate setting of each machine per item to be produced
  • Simplification of work
  • Reduction of errors
  • Traceability of processing and machinery settings


Factory Digital 4.0 offers a suite of tools to monitor the entire factory even across multiple locations, including alarms, process and production data, predictive maintenance controls, Artificial Intelligence to optimize global configurations, real-time data dashboards and advanced analysis, and much more. Everything with one goal: to help companies achieve high-quality standards with the best performance.


Part Program Manager is a software fully integrated with the entire suite of Digital Factory 4.0, contact us for more information.


Guida Utente di Fabbrica Digitale 4.0 Part Program Manager

User Guide of Digital Factory 4.0 Part Program Manager

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