Interconnections for hyperamortisation by year-end

Interconnection Industry 4.0

The interconnection of machinery is the first step for the digitalization of the production process and allows entrepreneurs to know precisely and quickly how production is carried out. Interconnection can be of three levels, which we go into in more detail below.


Level 1 of machinery interconnection

Machinery and project management software
 integration for hyper-amortization

It allows the integration of machinery data with the production management system in order to comply with the requirements of the stability law and access the benefits of over-amortization.

The benefits of this type of interconnection are:

  • access to over-depreciation of machinery
  • reduction of operator errors
  • greater knowledge for the entrepreneur of the working time of the machines and their efficiency
  • simplifying the work of operators
  • identification of production inefficiencies in real-time and therefore the possibility to intervene on downtime and improve overall productivity



Level 2 of machinery interconnection

Gathering information on various aspects of the use of machinery for preventive maintenance

It collects information on various aspects of machine operation by measuring and analyzing the data in the plant sensors.

This data is often available in the machinery and no extra costs are required to collect it.

The benefits of this type of interconnection are:

  • all the benefits of Level 1 of interconnection
  • possibility to analyze downtime according to its actual causes to further improve the efficiency of machinery
  • understanding of the working dynamics through the integration of machinery data with the data collected by the panels for the operators
  • identification of inefficiencies due to incorrect use of machinery by operators
  • analysis of the alarms detected by the machines to understand if they have problems that can be solved with ordinary maintenance
  • realization of PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE in a simple and effective way
  • reduction of downtime of machinery connected to each other (production lines) thanks to the analysis of the data collected
  • identification of the waste and costs hidden in the working method used in the production departments.
  • professional growth of personnel in the use of the plants



Level 3 of machinery interconnection

Gathering information on different aspects of machine operation using additional sensors for predictive maintenance

It uses any additional sensors on the machinery to identify operating dynamics and problems automatically (e.g. LEM probes for motor currents and accelerometers for measurements of bearings and vibrating parts) in order to add analysis to anticipate production problems, reduce time and number of downtime and proactively control the quality of the processed products.

The benefits of this type of interconnection are:

  • all the benefits of Level 2 of interconnection
  • realization of the PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE in order to give maintenance workers the most powerful tools to better manage the work planning.
  • Understanding of the problems and anomalies that can affect the quality of the products
  • Achieving maximum efficiency of individual machines and production as a whole.
  • Further professional growth of personnel in the use of the equipment


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