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Alarms is the alarms management application of Digital Factory 4.0 Suite. It shows in a single panel all the alarms with the necessary information to solve them.

Thanks to the functional and intuitive alarm management you have full control of your company in real-time.


How Alarm Management Works

Alarms provides two types of panels.

The first type display boxes in a grid, each corresponding to all the machinery and/or electrical panels and their current status: not in alarm, in alarm, or alarm took in charge. In the second type, you can see the boxes directly on the layout or the layouts of different floors or plants.

You can choose to turn on sirens, send emails to a list of recipients, activate an automatic phone dialer.

With the Calendar extension, it is possible to set up the activation of actions during or outside working hours; this allows you to make the reporting of anomalies more effective. For example, the activation of a siren for an electrical fault may not be effective if the company is closed, while sending an email or a call allows you to keep the system under control even from further away.


Digital Factory 4.0 alarm management: the display of all alarms in a single panel  


Digital Factory 4.0 alarm management: the display of all alarms placed on the machines of a line

Digital Factory 4.0 alarm management: the display of all alarms placed on the machines of a line


Benefits of Alarms Management with Digital Factory 4.0 Alarms

Gestione allarmi in un unico pannello  


 Get full control of your company: see alarms in a single panel of the entire factory, or directly in layouts divided by department.

Aumentare l’efficienza  


 View all alarm-specific information and take charge of the event quickly. 

Maggiore coordinazione tra manutentori e responsabili di controllo  


 Check in one click if someone is already dealing with the alarm, when it was taken care of, and if it was resolved.

Sistema di presa in carico degli allarmi  


 Quickly coordinate maintainers by easily managing alarms in the company and coordinating maintainers. 

Storico dati allarmi  


 See a historical record of all alarms with all associated information: who, when, where and for how long. This allows you to easily understand how alarms are handled.

Salvataggio soluzioni e Note Allarmi  


 Add notes to each solved alarm to keep track of them and store a company's knowledge of solutions to problems

Factory Digital 4.0 offers a suite of tools to monitor the entire factory even across multiple locations, including alarms, process and production data, predictive maintenance controls, Artificial Intelligence to optimize global configurations, real-time data dashboards and advanced analysis, and much more. Everything with one goal: to help companies achieve high-quality standards with the best performance.


Alarms is a software fully integrated with the entire suite of Digital Factory 4.0, contact us for more information.


User Guide of Digital Factory 4.0 Alarms

User Guide of Digital Factory 4.0 Alarms

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