Interconnection for Italian National Industry 4.0 Plan with a complete and scalable software solution


The challange 


Since its foundation, Manital is one of the leading companies in the "Made in Italy" production of door and window handles, thanks to its unique combination of quality, design, and a highly innovative approach.
Its industry requires the interlinking of new machinery to automate data collection, increase efficiency, and benefit from the tax incentives provided by the Italian National Industry 4.0 Plan.
Since the Manital request is submitted in December and one of the requirements for the hyper amortization program access is to ensure interconnection by the end of the year, the main challenge is to link the machine in a very tight timeframe


sistemi ingrandenti per il mondo dentale e medicale - case study

Manital products

The solution

TOOLS for SMART MINDS is able to meet Manital's needs thanks to the software solutions for Industry 4.0 already developed and tested in the real life.

iDaqLiliumand Digital Factory 4.0 contribute to creating a modularscalable, and complete solution, open to future implementations.
They are used to respectively communicate with machines, transfer information, and real-time monitoring of the entire plant.
The machine (a grinding robot) needs to be connected to the company ERP via the custom protocol.

iDaq Datalogger communicates with the machine directly, collecting the main operating parameters.

The acquiring data are:

  • Machine status
  • Number of produced items
  • Alarms

Digital Factory 4.0 forwards the information about the article to be produced to the machine, while Lilium transfers the data to the company database. On completion of these steps, the ERP extracts the information from the database for visualization and archiving.

The information, transferred to the machine at the launch of the order production, is primarily the following:

  • Code and name of the production order
  • Item name
  • Quantity of pieces to be produced
  • Name of machine programs


Diagram of company interconnection in industry 4.0 perspective


Benefits and Results

Manital's needs have been satisfied in an extremely short time and with a high-performance, modular, scalable, and open to future implementations, solutions.

Manital has thus achieved considerable benefits:

  • State incentives under the Italian National Industry 4.0 Plan: all the requirements and timing, required by the MISE to access tax benefits, were met.
  • Time and cost determination per production batch: real-time monitoring increases the efficiency of the entire production.
  • Reduction of the possibility of manual errors: the automation of data transfer allows increase the accuracy of the information and reduce human errors.
  • Real-time data sharing throughout the company: thanks to automatic data acquisition, the information is immediately accessible in all departments and offices of the company.
  • Time-saving: all the necessary information for the order production is sent by the operator from MES directly to the machine at the order launch.



The solution is fully scalable. Considering the application field, it allows both to acquire new dimensions and to connect new machines in a short time, guaranteeing a minimum impact on the existing system.

Thanks to the modularity of iDaq Datalogger, it is possible to connect machines with technologies and functionalities that are different from those already interconnected. 
On the management side, Lilium is open to interface with third-party software for visualization, data analysis, and business intelligence
Finally, Digital Factory 4.0 allows applying artificial intelligence algorithms, such as machine learning, predictive analysis, and process drift control for each machine and each plant. This permits predicting interruptions and failures to act promptly, thus reducing downtimes and production costs.



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"I am very satisfied with this new machine, which perfectly completes the cleaning department's processes. I'm also pleased with the collaboration I had with T4SM, cause all the employees showed good technical skills, availability, accuracy, and punctuality that allowed me to achieve my goal in a short and unexpected time." 

Luigi Bigoloni



  • Interconnection of a new machine
  • Automation of data collection and data storage
  • Compliance with legal requirements for the Italian National Industry 4.0 Plan



Based on a system that includes iDaq Datalogger, Digital Factory 4.0, and Lilium applications and interacts with the machinery and the company's ERP.



  • iDaq
  • Digital Factory 4.0
  • Lilium


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