Case Studies

See how we have helped our customers operating in different production sectors but sharing certain needs: to improve and guarantee the standard of products, process efficiency and remain competitive in their market of interest.

Rubinetteria Mora

The need of Rubinetteria Mora is to automate data collection in the production department.

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Cembre needs to automate data collection in the press, die-cutting, wire-drawing and plastic molding departments; to interconnect machinery with the company's MES in order to know the costs of each job order in a precise manner and to have traceability of processing.

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Bonpress requires complete control of the manufacturing department, including order planning and data collection from operators and machinery.

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Manital requires the interlinking of new machinery to automate data collection, increase efficiency, and benefit from the tax incentives provided by the Italian National Industry 4.0 Plan.

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METALP has expanded with a new plant and it needs to interconnect new machinery to improve production management and to increase productivity.

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MORO Aratri

MORO Aratri need is to have the production time of each batch in the turning department to know the single batch cost monitoring data collection, have a log of data and access data from the offices real-time.

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Thermo Engineering

Thermo Engineering need is to have the production time of each batch in the turning department to know the precise cost per batch, automate data collection, have a log of data and see the data from the offices in real-time.

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Guarni&Med needs to interconnect a hundred machines for traceability, to know the cost per batch, to have production control and the possibility of applying artificial intelligence algorithms to avoid machine downtime. 

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Ogliari Company goal is to receive some basic data from a heat-sealing machine and an extruder machine, and to interconnect the latter one with the MES to increase efficiency. 

Case study


The goal of C.T.B. PRINTED CIRCUITS is to interconnect the machinery to optimize the processes in Industry 4.0 key.

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Cast System

The goal of Cast System is to interconnect the machinery to better organize and manage production and constantly monitor the production process. 


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PiZeta's goal is to automate data collection, track downtime and know the cost associated with each order, interconnecting lathes and transfer machines.

Case study

F.lli Carminati

F.lli Carminati is a company with experience in the field of mechanics and expert in the broaching process. Objective: interconnection between robot, management system and MES to become Industry 4.0 and recharge all the benefits that result.

Case study

Inox House

Inox House S.r.l., leader in the application of the aluminum induction bottom, wants to create a new production line totally integrated into the factory information system according to the Industry 4.0 model. The new production line consists of various machines built by different suppliers.


Case study

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